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Explore our collection of fine Pillitteri wines. We offer a wide variety of Table wines and Icewines that can be purchased directly from several retail outlets around you or delivered directly to your home.

2018 Market Collection Rosso Dolce (SWEET RED WINE)

Rosso Dolce is an uncomplicated blend that presents balanced organics, while still delivering a unique twist on typical red wine. Aromatics showcase black currant, blackberry jam, blueberry, dark cherry and dark grape, with undertones of hot pepper jelly and subtle pepper corn.

The palate does well to mirror the nose, but with dominant wild blueberry, raspberry jam, ripened plum and grape. Residual sugar sits at the forefront of the palate, while acid is highlighted well on the mid-palate, creating a balanced mouthfeel. Medium length means chilling this wine will only do it justice, by dampening sweetness and highlighting fresh acid.ed Wine

2017 Gewurztraminer Riesling (VINTAGE WHITE WINE)

The 2017 vintage showcased a summer that had both highs and lows – a healthy mix of rain and sun lead to an unpredictable start of the season and as summer turned to fall, an extended heatwave came at the perfect time to fully ripen all aromatic varietals. This wine exudes notes of rose petal, lychees, lime, and grapefruit with the hallmark “soapy” character that Gewurztraminer exhibits. The palate mirrors the nose with additional notes of peach skin, lemon-lime soda grapefruit zest.

The palate is off-dry, with the high acidity balancing the residual sugar nicely. This wine makes a wonderful aperitif on its own or with hors d’oeuvres, or would work well with pan-seared white fish, roast turkey breast, or Vietnamese glass noodle salad. Also pairs nicely with spicy Asian or Indian cuisine, chicken, or spicy chicken wings.

2015 Riserva Famiglia Cabernet Franc

The “Riserva Famiglia” title is only given to wines produced in the best vintage years which have passed a rigorous tasting panel. Made in the traditional appassimento style, vine dried for 4 weeks past traditional harvest dates and then rack dried in a single layer for 26 days. Dried in an ambient environment with forced air circulation to allow the fruit to slowly dry. Small batch fermented and aged in french oak for 2 years.

This wine has tertiary development and body, all without losing primary fruit. This vintage of Cabernet Franc is an atypical example of Niagara still red wine, created from typical vintage – classified Niagara fruit. Aromatics showcase notes of black cherry, blueberry compote, crushed black peppercorn and mint leaf, with subtleties of vanilla extract. Once aerated, notes of clove and an understated sweet tobacco (Hoyo de Monterrey) develop, suggesting complexity. The palate mirrors the nose, but focuses on peppercorn, intertwined with black fruit, juniper and “earthy” tones. Acid is very well balanced with tannic profile, allowing for fruit to shine, but once swallowed, gives way to gripping back palate.

2015 Carretto Vidal Icewine 375ml

As with many cool climate regions, vintage variation is an inevitable part of the business. In stark contrast to the banner 2012 vintage, the 2013 vintage was cooler, shorter and with a bit more rainfall. Cooler vintages are perfect for varietals such as Vidal.

A stellar Icewine encompasses fantastic aromas of floral notes, honey, candied orange peel, peach and apricot. You’ll find intense flavours of pineapple, lychee, and honey on your palate, as well as a voluptuous texture, balancing acidity and long finish.

2018 Market Collection Cabernet Merlot (RED WINE)

The Market Cabernet Merlot is a delicious medium-bodied dry red with flavours of cherries, strawberries, black currant and hints of black peppers and spice. Barrel aged to add to the complexity and smooth the tannins, providing a medium long finish. Consider pairing with grilled meats, pizza and pasta. Makes a great choice for large dinners and a wonderful gift for a discerning wine lover.

A classic interpretation of cool-climate blending, similar to plotline, whereby Merlot provides the middle and Cabernet Franc focuses on the beginning and ending. The aromatics of this wine showcase dominant blackcurrant, blueberry compote and baked plum notes, with secondary qualities rooted in juniper and clove.

2015 Exclamation Cabernet Franc

The 2015 vintage was warm, dry and featured lots of sunshine during the day, but also cool refreshing nights. No sustained heatwaves or heavy rains were present, leading to a slightly warmer-than-average summer. Established French varietals in the Niagara Peninsula had no issue with the lack of precipitation and fared quite well. 2015 represented a typical summer in Niagara, known for developing good, if not great fruit and acid characteristics in still and sparkling wines.

An example of honest and authentic moderate climate Cabernet Franc, produced with fruit from an exceptional vintage. This wine showcases aromatics in the form of blackberry jam, fresh mint leaf, black pepper, cooked blueberry, black cherry, sweet tobacco (similar to Oscuro Cigars), ripened plum, and blackcurrant, with a subtle undertone of butter, courtesy of malolactic fermentation. Once allowed to breathe, notes of leather and cedar become more pronounced, suggesting potential tertiary aromatics.